A Night Out


During the 26 Days of Discovery we have challenged ourselves to find at least one person each day to serve in a special way. One idea that Bonnie and I came up with was to send a couple with small children a certificate offering them one free night of babysitting. We thought it would be nice for “mom and dad” to enjoy a night out with out the children.

What are your ideas to serve others during this 26 Days of Discovery? We would love to hear creative ways you have come up to bless those that you come in contact with throughout your day. Check back tomorrow for another idea to impact others with the love of God.

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  1. Sherry Wilson April 1, 2011 at 9:45 pm #

    People who have loved ones in nursing homes, need some releif once in a while. I have been in that situation and had to do it mostly alone. Since then I have helped out some, by just staying with their loved one and giving them the evening off or afternoon or whatever. Just to go out to dinner with their husband or wife, go shopping, or just stay home and read a book, take a nap, go to church or just do nothing. It is something I wish to continue doing. It feels good!!!!!!!!!!!

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